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NG/LPG Heaters

Natural Gas and LPG Heaters

Aureus Energy Services has 3 newer LPG / NG super heaters in its fleet.

  • Skid mounted 35 MMBTU NG and LPG heaters
  • Trailer mounted 35 MMBTU NG and LPG heaters
  • Safely and efficiently runs either LPG or NG
  • Ability to switch between NG (pipeline, CNG or LNG) to LPG in seconds
  • Safety features unseen in most heating equipment allow us to meet or exceed any Canadian standards
  • Unparalleled reliability in the field with equipment design
  • Sleepers and fully equipped cabs
  • Geotrac safety tracking system
  • Backup hose, fittings, and tools for in-the-field problem solving
  • Speed-loading tank trucks

Low Footprint

Our NG / LPG heaters take up minimal space on the job and leave a minimal footprint on the environment.